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Breakout Laughing is the brainchild of Scott Urban, a seasoned professional with nearly five decades of experience as a professional singer, actor and playwright. He has entertained audiences across the country with mesmerizing vocals, original material, and captivating wit.


Scott has also worked as a business consultant for over 20 years and it was during a day long business meeting that he said was, “mind numbing,” that he began to develop the idea for Breakout Laughing, a concept he has called, “sherbet for the brain.”


Once having the creative thought, Scott decided he needed some people with brains to make the idea work. He first discussed it with his wife, Karen Morby, who liked the idea so much she decided to become the principal investor. Next he went to Carla Gordon and Ernie Lane who are outstanding performers, producers and highly knowledgeable about the business aspects of the entertainment industry.


Together they have learned the art of “slaying the tension-breathing dragon that overshadows corporate America.”  In other words, it’s important to have fun and laugh – especially if you’re wearing a suit – and Breakout Laughing knows just how to make it happen.


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